Wednesday, 31 July 2013

xXx 3 Movie Pictures

Here below a few pictures of xXx3:
(Click on a picture to enlarge.)
Are you impatient to see the film?

Saturday, 7 July 2012

xXx 3 News Update

The movie xXx3 kind of fell in development limbos following Vin Diesel commitment to other films, especially with his starring in Riddick 3. But production will soon be wrapped on the later film, so maybe his next project will be xXx 3.

From what I heard director Ericson Core left the project and director Rob Cohen, who helmed the first film, would be back to helm the third Triple X movie.

And last but not least this new installment in the xXx movie franchise is likely to be in 3D.

If like me you think it's taking too long for xXx 3 to enter production, then head to Vin Diesel's Facebook page (--> here), and let the actor know that you want him to reprise his role as Xander Cage asap!

If all the fans of Triple X voice their support the film will be come a reality!

Saturday, 5 December 2009

xXx 3 The Return of Xander Cage Movie

The movie kind of fell in development limbo, but stay tuned with us, because it's likely to get back on track now that Riddick 3 is close to wrap production.

xXx 3 MovieThe xXx movie franchise, after getting lost with the first sequel which did not focus on Xander cage, is coming back on track for the third xXx movie: Vin Diesel is indeed back as the new breed of secret agent, Xander Cage, in the movie xXx 3! So we can expect this new opus of xXx to be at least as great as the first!

Director Ericson Core has been hired by Columbia Pictures to helm the movie xXx 3, aka xXx The Return of Xander Cage. They're eyeing a release in Summer 2010, but I heard heard that Vin Diesel is prioritizing Riddick 3, so the movie xXx 3 is more likely to be released in 2011.

"Vin Diesel returns as Xander Cage, the extreme sports enthusiast who gets drafted by the government for another dangerous mission."

Let's re-watch the trailer of the first Triple X movie to remember how awesome the film was:


I hope that xXx 3 will be as action packed as the first and that Vin Diesel will blow us away again with his performance as Xander Cage.

Some of you may be concerned because Xander Cage was shown kind of dying in an explosion in a short film attached to the DVD of xXx 2. Well, in moviedom, death isn't invincible, plus who know, maybe Xander Cage did somehow escape from that explosion: all we need is a good script! Yeap, I do miss the crazy Agent Triple X!

More details about the movie xXx 3 as soon as details emerge.